Sunday, October 23, 2011

How did this get started?

What exactly is a Diva? There are several definitions but we are going with this one... A glamourous,classy woman of mystery, that has a sprinkling of tragedy thru her life and is demanding and fussy when it comes to personal privileges,in this case her domain is the kitchen.

 All cooking Divas have had their fair share of cooking tragedies, but without failure there are no success stories.

 This site is designed for my friends, the Cooking Divas that they are and I hope you enjoy the recipes we share.

 I was fortunate to be involved with The Real Women of Philadelphia contest sponsored by Eqal and hosted by Paula Deen.  I met so many women on line that shared their love of cooking and we formed a lasting bond. Many of us traveled to Savannah, Georgia to support our Philly sisters that were chosen for the cook off and got to meet our "virtual friends" in person. It really was a life changing experience.

 I have been collecting recipes for years and have been working on a cookbook, but in my wildest dreams never thought of me doing a video, doing food photography, entering a cooking contest, or now having my own cooking web site! The contest and meeting women from all over the country inspired me to do all of this.

 I thank all of you and hope anyone reading this will give me some time to get all the "kinks" out of the page.

I do have a page "Cooking with Divas" on Facebook, you can visit and see a few of the recipes that have been submitted. I have a current contest going on right now. I am looking for your favorite PORK recipe! The winner will be randomly drawn and will win an autographed copy of Libbie Summers new book "The Whole Hog Cookbook".  Please JOIN in the fun and post a favorite recipe!

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